Danum Coven

The Danum Coven has a multi-disciplinary practice, working collective co-operative magick as part of the Gardnerian Tradition in pursuit of Gnothi seauton – “know thyself” to become the Knower, which is the truth of inner self, awakening within us.

Our Coven is led by a dual line High Priestx, who traces their lineage through the Sheffield Line and Patricia Crowther, and the Whitecroft line and Eleanor Bone. This allows our coven to have rituals materials and Books of shadows from these multiple lines and ultimately the ability to be adaptive to contemporary practices.

Our Coven is not only pro LGBTQIA+, but we have also moved away from the rigid enforcement of gender roles within our tradition, in favour of a more “Post” gender practice, allowing all expressions of gender to engage in all aspects of our rituals. Our Coven is led by a Gay, Gender Queer High PriestX, who has worked with many LGBTQIA+ organizations, and charities. Our High PriestX uses the more traditional title of High Priest, interchangeably with his preferred title of High PriestX, and welcomes the use of any pronouns in reference to themselves. They are an initiate of the Sheffield line as a 1st Degree and Whitecroft line as a 2nd and 3rd Degree of the Gardnerian tradition, as well as having over a decade of experience and practice of Grimoire based folk magick. A full bio of them can be found on our history page.

The Danum coven’s new lodge and temple is situated at a private residence within a conservation area of “Green Character”, open countryside and neighbouring Grade listed properties. We are based just outside of Doncaster town centre, easily accessible by multiple forms of public transport, also by car with only being around five minutes away from the m18/m180 junction.  Our coven is continually working to offer complete accessibility to those individuals with specialist needs with level access entry, onsite disabled toilet facilities, internal lifts to the upper floor Library, and paved balcony ramps to the new Lodge, rear gardens, and fire pit ritual space.

Our coven is open to applications from all experienced and established Witches, and occult practitioners, that seek initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition and join us as a Probationer and start their year and a day. We work with each probationer on a one-to-one basis, to be given guidance and documentation, to undertake various forms of self-directed study and work to complement their acclimation and introduction to the working practices of the coven’s co-operative collective practice.

Please get in contact at Info@yorkshiregardnerian.com for applications.