Our High Priestx

Our High Priestx is David Johnson, they are a dual line initiate of both the Sheffield line as a 1st Degree and Whitecroft line as a 2nd and 3rd Degree of the Gardnerian tradition, as well as having over a decade of experience and practice of Grimoire based folk magick.

David is married with five dogs; their husband is paraplegic and full-time wheelchair, they both run a Physiotherapy Gym and Hydrotherapy pool rental business from their home. They have opened their home to seekers, hosting all outer court events and Year and a Day session, as well as the building of our custom designed Temple space within their gardens. David has collected many books over their practice and has made all their collection available to the members of the Temple as part of the Temples library, as well as their collection of rare books and handwritten manuscripts that are available to their coven.

At 19 they met their original Gardnerian High priestess who was at that time opening her own coven, and started their own personal journey towards initiation, however this was cut short as they moved to North Wales for University.

When they finally moved back to Yorkshire, they continued to undertake their training into the Leeds Coven, where they were initiated to their first degree in 2014 as part of the Sheffield line of the Gardnerian tradition. They spent the next few years in that coven working their rituals and training for their 2nd degree, however they chose to leave that coven in spring 2018 and instead take up a focus back on their grimoire magic practices.

David then founded the Magnolia temple when they moved to Doncaster in summer of 2018, the Temple was originally a very egalitarian open ritual group which sadly ended during the Covid-19 pandemic. As such they re-entered training for their 2nd degree within the Gardnerian tradition during the lockdowns, as spent the 2020 to early 2022 period mentoring under a wonderful High Priest, who runs a coven in London with his High Priestess.

David was initiated to their 2nd and 3rd degrees in the Whitecroft line in 2022. Since their 3rd degree they have founded the Danum Coven and have taken on several individuals seeking initiation into the Gardnerian Traditions and is open to new seekers!

Our High Priestx can be found on the Coven Leaders list on Gardnerian Wicca Seekers and Initiates on Facebook. If you would like a Vouch or any further verification of his Degrees these can be arranged through email or posting/ commenting on the previously mentioned Facebook page which is ran by several reputable 3rd degrees.